The Healing Art of Music 

Fallen Angel is part of our latest release 'On the Edge of Time'. Listen to the recorded version here


Sukul’s and my journey of writing songs and producing music together, started back in 2008. ‘Out of the darkness’ is our first production, with an acoustic and intimate setup. ‘On the Edge of Time’ was produced about a year after I had a cerebral hemorrhage and was brought to the edge of life. The songs on this EP describes in words and music, the great gift given through this experience. 

Read more about our collaboration and journey together here.


These songs were born after Sukul and I had released our first album ‘Out of the darkness’. I wanted to be able to present the songs during a concert, but without talking. And so these preludes were born, as were my love for ‘singing with no words’. 


About Into The Heart

About The SoulGate

The human mind have forgotten its origin and that the Heart is the portal to God.

Together with the music, this painting represents the path of love and beauty back to Unity. The mind´s union with God, so that it once again can be embraced by His Love, wisdom and guidance.

The painting and the music amplifies the spiritual energy and empties us of ourselves. It opens a passage so that we can take the journey from the mind to the Heart.

Reflecting the Light on my face

Her presence holds

my heart so close

Uplifted in Her Grace 


I am a swedish singer, songwriter and musician, now living in Denmark. Music has always been in my blood and in my life.  Growing up, the two things that connected me to myself and Life was music and nature. I was fortunate to have both so close.  

My songwriting begun as a teenager and developed further as I  deepened my studies in music. But I lost the music and life lost its meaning. That became both a crossroad and a turning point in my life. 

For a period of time music was absent in my life and it’s never been more painful or empty. That was, until I met my beloved and fellow traveller, Sukul. 

Music runs in my veins, and I can’t really escape that. It became very obvious together with Sukul. Read more about our journey into the music and the making of our songs.