Healing Art of Music


Sukul and I have written songs together since 2008. They  are an expression of Love, Truth, longing and pain, and put into words the challenges of being human on this journey called life. Read more about how it all started here.

On the Edge of Time

This EP invites the listener into a intimate and rhythmical universe with grand arrangements and intimate instrumentation. The warmth, fervor and presence of the voice, is  a fundamental essence in all the songs

Out of the darkness

This is the original album recorded in Aarhus Lydstudie in 2010. It is a very evocative, acoustic production with an intimate atmosphere. The songs are, besides the warmth and presence of Yasha’s voice and piano, accompanied by cello, guitar and strings. 

Healing Art of Music

These kind of songs were born after Sukul and I had released our first album ‘Out of the darkness’. I wanted to be able to present the songs during a concert, but without talking. And so these preludes were born, as were my love for ‘singing with no words’. 


This piece is composed inspired by the essence of the artist Mattie’s icon paintings. The expression is universal, infinite and with a healing quality. 

Discover the art of Mattie here.

Claiming the Wisdom

A tribute to Avalon and the message and wisdom that She carries.

The Sacred Call

'Long before I knew You

I felt the whispers

Of an ancient longing

Stirring my heart

Making way 

Into unknown lands

Footsteps leaving traces

In the darkness' 

The Meeting

When we meet in the depth of our hearts, if it is with our selves or with another person, we have arrived at the gates to our soul. It is a tribute to that meeting with our divine soul.

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Into the Heart

Watch and enjoy this song merged with my art here.

Two worlds intertwined

Our music is expressed in two worlds that are intimately connected. One with words and lyrics. One with no words. The presence of the voice is a fundamental essence in both worlds.

It is an expression from our heart and soul, to yours. 

Lyrics and words

In this poetic universe, the challenges on the journey called life, as well as the heart and soul, are expressed. 

The listener is invited on journey into one self and it is an invitation of reflection, contemplation, insight, redemption and healing.

The lyrics are most beautifully supported by the atmosphere of the voice, instruments and arrangements.

No words

This world of expression was born out of the first one. After the release of ‘Out of the darkness’ it happened naturally on its own. First as preludes to the songs from our album. From there they have developed into more independent compositions. 

The songs opens up into a world that communicates a vibration, an atmosphere, much like the tranquility of the dark night.