Shortly after Sukul and I met, he accidentally found out that I can sing. Before that, the music had been dormant in me for years.

In our meeting it was brought back to life and re-emerged with a new quality and intensity.

With him I discovered what music really is and how it expresses itself through me. From that moment on, it has been an ongoing exploration and deepening of this expression. 

Together, the very essence of our selves also came to life.

In Sukul, through words and in me, through music. He has a great love and sense for the essence and potential in music, which is reflected in our song making.

Sukul is the poet and heart behind the words. With honesty and Truth they invite us into the depth of ourselves. They are an invitation of reflection, contemplation, insight, redemption and healing.

This music is created in the magic meeting between two souls travelling on their journey in life

Yasha & Sukul

On the Edge of Life

In May 2019 we were in for a real surprise and life changing event. 

One morning during my yoga exercises, something snapped in the back of my head.

I became really unwell and 30 minutes later I was unconscious. I had got a cerebral

hemorrhage and no-one knew if I’d survive. 

After being in a coma for tree days I woke up to a new reality. After this awakening everything was changed. I discovered that time and space was dissolved and the tight chains of the personality had let go. In this presence of the Eternal Now, life was transformed. 

This is the greatest gift Life could ever give me, and us. 

‘On the Edge of Time’ was produced one year after this event. The songs on this EP describes both in words and music, what we’ve experienced and the great gift given through this event. 

Like a Fallen Angel 

I was shattered to the ground

A Fallen Angel 

in the shadow of my mind

A Fallen Angel

shattered to the ground

Like a Fallen Angel

I will rise again

Time is now

Til det danske publikum - det muligt at købe bogen via forlagets hjemmeside, så vel som hos de fleste online boghandlere.

Læs mere og køb bogen her.

Waking up from the coma I had a voice inside saying that I should write about my experience. It was very insisting and persistent and filled me with great joy. 

Writing about it has been part of the integration of what took place.

In the book I openly and honestly share my experience and the great impact it has had physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I also write about my journey up until the this event, as well as the part music plays before and after. It is written and published in danish. 

'Freedom lies in the open moment. In the NOW that always is. It is available regardless of the circumstances and the external situation. 

I am living proof of that.'

- Yasha