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March 28, 2018

New Release! The Single 'Near' is released today.


February 14, 2018

New Release! The Single 'My Love' is released today.




Out of the darkness


When the longing for love and freedom, the pain and suffering of not knowing the true self, and the beauty that is beyond, merge into one - this is the expression and the very soul of this album.


Recorded in 2010, it has since brought the essence into many peoples lifes and hearts.


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The Meeting


A journey in a musical, mysterious landscape, this piece of music speakes without words.


When we meet in the depth of our hearts, if it is with our selves or with another person, we have arrived at the gates to our soul. It is a tribute to that meeting with our divine soul.

You can listen and get your digital download here

You can listen and get your free digital download here

Beautiful Morning


The expression of this song came about when, looking out on the world, seeing how we treat our selves and others, feeling the pain and suffering, and knowing that it is a Beautiful Morning, and a Beautiful Life.